I am at a point where I am somewhat stumped, if not a lil frustrated. The past couple of months have been great for my running.  I’ve run farther, faster, and stronger than I’ve ever done. I’m seeing progress on a weekly basis in terms of my stamina and being in tune with my body. But I feel like I want more…maybe things have become too predictable? Even with setting new goals, I’ve still been training the same way for almost a year. I want to switch it up, but I just haven’t figured out how.

Last week I decided to take a break from running…from working out all together. In truth, I’ve been a little run down lately and the idea of getting up at 6 or 7am to go work out just hasn’t been enticing. I believe there are several factors coming into play…one being that my weight has been fluctuating, which is frustrating considering all of the great progress I’ve been making with my running. Another is that my work schedule is ridiculously hectic, leaving me flat out exhausted by the time I get home. Add to that the various people and things that pull at my time…and yea, something is going to fall to the way side. But that can’t be my running. It’s the one thing I have that is my own, just for me. It’s not a chore, it’s a challenge, and it’s something that I do look forward to every time.

So how do I get past these roadblocks? Well…I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought, but for sure I will need to switch up my workouts. Maybe I’ll try to take some classes at the gym again, and weight train a lil less. As far as running…perhaps it’s time I started to integrate some group runs into my routine…or perhaps look into doing tempo runs and speedwork like other competitive runners do. Just something to keep me mentally engaged and to help me improve. When it comes to work and just the other things that seem to pull me in multiple directions…well that is a continuous work in progress.

Also, I’m currently looking for a half marathon to run this year. I had hoped to do the Philly Half in November, but silly me, I failed to realize just how quickly some races sell out. Sooooo…I missed out on that one. I’ve considered the Disneyland Half Marathon in September OR the Disney World Marathon in January…and either is going to cost me a grip, lol. There are some local Half Marathons I could do, but none really seem all that interesting. There’s the Wilson Bridge one in October…that’s a possible, though I know running that damn bridge is gonna be ridiculous (I’ve gone half way up before). Mmm, I really want to do a destination half….hence the Disney options.

The next race I’ve signed up for is the Warrior Dash in May. I’m looking forward to it; the mud, the barbed wire, the fire, the chance to be really badass…yes! Then..there’s the Navy 5 Miler in September, the Army 10 Miler in October…those two I am DETERMINED to run. I just need to go ahead and register. I would have liked to have done the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, but due to scheduling conflicts I won’t be able to make it this year. Next year though, it’s ON. The list of races I have created for this year are ever-changing, mostly because I’ve been underestimating just how soon the registration closes, but lessons learned, right? So with that said, if anyone has any suggestions on potential races in upcoming months let me know!


2 thoughts on “Roadblocks

  1. Your goal list is fantastic. If you want to run a half-marathon or full marathon that is full, check and see if there are any charitable organizations that have some entrys available. For example, the Marine Corp Marathon is sold out (only took 28 hours!) but through their charitable partners you can still get registered. you just have to raise a certain level of money for that charity.

    I don’t know that other races do it – but for half marathons it would’t suprise me.

    Also, since you have your military theme going (which i respect greatly), have you thought about any of the other Marine RAces? The Cross Roads 17.75 K for example.


    • Thanks for the advice! I’d never heard about charitable organizations offering registration to races. I’m going to look into it. Also, thanks for the link to the Cross Roads 17.75k. I hadn’t really thought about the military theme I’ve got going with these races, but now that you mention it, I might try to find some more military races. Thanks! 🙂

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