Wind at My Front…and Side…and Back

So loves, today was the George Washington Classic 10k. I hadn’t run a 10k since November, THOUGH I ran 7.6 miles last Sunday (I surprised myself with that one). OH YEA!!! *does a happy dance*

But yes, this GW 10k…*sigh* Darlings it was cold out there…and windy as all get out! I thought the course was going to be flat…because that’s what the organizers said. But what they failed to mention was that first beast of a hill/bridge that you have to tackle to get to the ‘flat’ course. That was sooooo hard! Running uphill with 30-50 mph wind pushing you back? No fun. But we runners pushed forward…truth be told I think I exerted myself on that first hill, because not to long after I’d gotten over it and onto the flat I was beat. Not so much so physically, but just mentally. I didn’t feel fast. I felt awkward. Flailing even. There were so many runners ahead of me, the wind was whipping and pushing, and I just wanted to stop. But I kept going.

Eventually, I wound up doing a combination of power walking and jogging. My jogging pace isn’t TOO far off from a strong and purposeful power walk, and I figured I would push through the first half of the run by walking since I was walking into the wind, and I would run on the way back. I’d never had to deal with that kind of weather before, and needless to say that those first 3 miles seemed to have taken FOREVER. Thankfully, unlike my last 10k, I wasn’t alone. Well, sure I didn’t run with a ny friends or anyone I actually knew, but I had plenty of other runners with me. We all struggled, and in some silent way I think we all encouraged each other on.

By the halfway point I kind got a second wind. I think my jogging was a little better then, but I was spent. Thankfully, with the wind now at my back, I could make those random bursts of jogging with a little extra nudge from Mother Nature. For a majority of the race it was myself and 3 other women who seemed to keep a various degree of pace with one another. We all took turns taking the lead. Running, jogging, walking…in my head these women helped me to keep the pace. Made me keep up and not allow myself to slow down too much or fall too far behind.

In the end, in spite of the crummy wind, that stupid big hill, and my overall mental exhaustion, I finished the race with a time of 1:29:03 – a new PR (personal record)! Next up…I think will be an 8k for St. Patrick’s Day, and the 10 Miler in May. *whew* Till next time! 😀


3 thoughts on “Wind at My Front…and Side…and Back

    • Soror, you can do it! If I was able to do it, I know anyone can do it! It’s amazing what we think we can’t do until we give it a try. Just start at your own pace, and make it about YOU and no one else! 🙂

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