Life Lessons on the Road

Running for me isn’t always about running. I mean, I put on the gear, head out the door, and hit the road…but running is more than that to me. Running has become my own form of therapy, and from it I have come away with some good lessons that I wanted to share with you all:

1. focus on you and run your race at your own pace

2. if you become so focused on the time it takes to reach the destination, you will miss out on the journey

3. no one can run this (or live this) for you. own it

4. while it’s nice to think about the big picture, sometimes you really need to focus on one step at a time

5. you won’t always have someone cheering you on along the journey. learn to be your own cheerleader, and encourage yourself often

6. when it gets hard, dig deep. when you feel tired, slow it down. but you NEVER stop moving forward.

7. you will never know if you can until you try (prepare to amaze yourself)


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