Winter Woes

When I think of how well I was doing over the summer and into the fall with my running…and I look at things now…disappointment!

What happened?

Two things. Winter and work. Now, admittedly, I could still go and do my running in spite of my crazy work schedule. The bigger deterrent has been the cold weather. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t like running in loops. Add to that running in place. And hence treadmills….UGH!

Now, all my earlier walk/jogging actually took place on a treadmill. However, since I started running outdoors and running longer distances, the idea of running in place for an extended period of time is just not appealing to me. I’ve tried it and while it gets the job done, it’s not as fun.

With my ambitious goals for the year I had to continue running and do it in a way that would keep me engaged, so I went to a local running store (Road Runner Sports) and purchased a jacket and headwarmer. Add to that a couple of layering pieces and a pair of warm gloves and my winter running gear was good to go! My first week out in the cold was a little rough on me as I adjusted to the cold hard road. I found that I had a little trouble with some pain in my leg, which I am thinking came from the body’s adjustment from the softer treadmill to the less forgiving cement.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last run…or maybe it’s been a week…but it feels like forever. Some disruptions in my work schedule caused part of the hiatus and add to that the snow and my decreasing enthusiasm to go outside and run in the dark and cold. šŸ˜¦ I’ve gotta get over this hump though. I have a 10k in February a 10-Miler in April with a slew of runs in between that I need to get myself prepared for. So I say…for now? I’ll rest since I’m currently out of town with nary running gear…and readjust my training schedule to make up for the time lost.

Wish me luck!


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