How I Ran my First 10k

Well when we last left off I’d just finished running my first 5k. What I DIDN’T mention is that about a month before the race I’d already set my sights on the next goal…a 10k.

So my training schedule continued as my eyes were set on the goal. I was going to run a 10k for my 27th birthday in November. That left me a solid 2 months from the time of the 5k to train. I went out 3 times a week to run and cross-trained on the other 4.

I was in heaven. I felt so good! The distance was a little tough for me though, but I had to keep telling myself to take it one step at a time. I even experimented with hill drills in order to make myself faster and to strengthen my legs.

At some point it really became mind over matter. I had to tell myself that just because I had NEVER done it, didn’t mean I COULDN’T.

The day of the race I was all nerves. Everyone looked super fit and like bonafide runners. I didn’t feel like I fit in. To top it all off I was running late for picking up my race day materials. But again…mind over matter. I just started doing my stretches in preparation for the start of the race.

The whistle sounded and off I went. My pace was ok, but of course it was slower than most. I was even slower than the race walkers, lol. The trail itself was a 5k loop done twice…and I’m not a big fan of loops. By the half way point of the first loop I was by far behind the rest of the pack, which in truth took away any anxiety or embarrassment for being so slow. Add to that the pleasant surprise along my second loop. My linesister and close friend Mo paid me a visit and document my big moment. I had my very own papparazzi for about a quarter mile and it was a lovely and welcome distraction from the lonely road, lol.

By about mile 5 I started to feel a pain in my right leg. More so in the hip area… I had been lapped by the first couple of runners, I had about a mile to go, and then I got this stupid pain in my leg. Sucked!

But I kept going. One leg after another. Step by step. No matter how slow I was…I was NOT going to stop. I was determined to finish.

A few minutes later I crossed the finish line…or what I THOUGHT the finish line was. You see…the people sponsoring the race were on a time limit permit. So they had to take the finish line down.

There were no crowds cheering.

There was no fan fare.

The was no one waiting for me with open arms.

Just me. And the road. And I was ok with that. I finished and wound up doing about 6.5 mi according to the Map My Run program I use on my phone. I completed my race in 1:34:08. There were a few officials around and I gave them my tag so that I would be listed in the results as having finished the race.

I was alone, but I was so very proud. I’d accomplished something I wouldn’t have even DREAMED of! Yep…fat ppl can run too. I was proof of that and oh how wonderful it felt. 🙂

The next couple of days my legs were a lil sore and my hip as well. Epson salt, rubbing alcohol, and my massage roller were my best friends. I was fine in no time, but by the time I was ready to roll again, a new challenge awaited…



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