Starting Off on the Right Foot

Hello there world. Curvy Road Runner here! Welcoming in the new year and with it more opportunities to become a better runner.

Now, I must say…I am by no means a pro. On a good day I might be able to run about a 13.5 minute mile. Sooooo I’m by no means fast. I AM however, motivated and in love with hitting the road. Whenever I’m out and see another runner I smile and think ‘yea…me too!’

The road to running was an interesting one, but it all began with a step. You see, in April of 2010 I decided to join Weight Watchers. I was almost 300 lbs and I hated it. Through the lessons I began to learn there, I was able to begin my weight loss journey…which has really become a healthier living journey. One day in one of our weekly WW meetings it was suggested we choose a physical goal of some sort to help us along with our weight goals. I decided I wanted to jog a 5k. Now, I was already a casual walker…and had walked a 5k several times. But to jog it? A whole 3.1 miles? That would be a first.

And so it began. I looked around online and decided to give the Couch to 5k program a shot. I’d heard good things about it and I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. After taking a look at their program, I decided I would need to make some modifications. Namely, I’d need to give myself more time to get accustomed to jogging since I’d never done it before. I think I would up taking their 6-8 week program and stretching it to about 16 weeks. Hey, I didn’t want to set myself up for failure!

Every day for those first couple of months I would walk/jog, and each week I’d see progress. Then the unexpected happened….I lost my job. So the summer was spent job hunting, hitting the gym, and you guessed it…running. I took my running outside for the first time in June/July and fell in love! The way the road felt….the way I felt…running gave me a purpose and a sense of peace and accomplishment when everything else in my world seemed to be directionless, stagnant, and dismal.

I found my way to and began to read some of theire articles and was able to get some good advice. I noticed that while I was running 5 days a week, I was exhausted and I was worried that under the Couch to 5k plan I was focusing more on the amount of time I was running and NOT the distance. So I switched my thinking, determined to finish that 5k race I signed up for in October 2010 and kept moving.

Naturally, between the running and healthier eating I lost a significant amount of weight, which boosted my confidence in and commitment to my running.

Then came the big day…the Lindenwold 5k…and I was able to run it with my bestest friend in the entire world. She’s been a runner for years now and was very excited and supportive of my decision to run. I was so nervous that day. I kept telling myself that it was no different than a normal run I would do. By that time I had already been running about 4 miles a day, so the distance didn’t scare me. But the time did. Because again…I’m slow, lol.

But I did it. It was hard and there were times I wanted to walk, but I didn’t. And you know what the inspiration was? My best friend. She’s faster than me and I told her to run ahead and not let me slow her down, but she always kept me in sight and would frequently stop to jog in place and cheer me on until I caught up to her. She doesn’t know how much that touched me, how much I needed that, and that I quietly shed a few tears when I thought about how blessed I was to have such qn awesome person in my corner. And I finished! I was THE last one, but I FINISHED! I ran my first 5k in about 47 minutes and to top it all off, I’d run my latest mile to date that day. It was around 12.5-13 minutes or so. But man did I feel great!

And so it began…my love affair with running. Up next…my first 10k, November 2010.


6 thoughts on “Starting Off on the Right Foot

  1. Storme, I am SO proud of you- this is a great endeavor that you have taken on and I’m so glad you are sharing it on this blog. Inspirational sto- damn being all yoda again, wise and inspirational.

  2. Hey Sis! I want to congratulate you again on completing the 5k. As you may know I also did a 5k last summer and I walked and jogged because I am not a runner. I didn’t finish last I finished 305 out of 310 in 49.01 mins. I plan to do that 5k again this year in addition to others and I would really like to beat my time each 5k I do. I really would like to be able to jog/run the full 5k. I am going to use you as my inspiration!

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